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Free V-Bucks is a guide for earning V-Bucks. On the Fortnite Extras section you may find today’s store items and current week’s Battle Royale challenges. There will be guides, tools, math, min/maxing discussion and tips & tricks about anything Fortnite related, not just V-Bucks.

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All V-Bucks giveaways

All currently active and past V-Bucks giveaways from Free V-Bucks For Fortnite are listed on this page. All giveaways are done through Gleam and the winner will be chosen by the Gleam application.

Current Event and Weekly store in Save the World

Current Event and Weekly store in Save the World including today's llama. Updated when the items change.

All weekly challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2

View all Battle Royale weekly challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2! See all past and current weekly challenges in the new season.

V-Bucks generator not working?

Why V-Bucks generators & fortnite v bucks generator work? Why these sites exist and is there a generator that works? Remember that there are ways to get free V-Bucks legally!

How much V-Bucks can you earn in Save the World?

Players are reporting to earn thousands of V-Bucks by playing Save the World and here is the math behind it! You can earn from 1000 in a few days to 5000 V-Bucks in 2 weeks and go Fortnite Tips.

How to Support-A-Creator in Fortnite items Shop

Go to the Item Shop in Battle Royale or the Loot tab in Save the World and select "Support a Creator". Enter "iferal" in the dialogue box to support us. Thank you so much Or click to Fortnite Daily Quests!

Current mission tracking in Fortnite

View current mission tracking for new MEGA Alerts, Mini-Boss, Group, Storm and Elemental Storm missions. Fortnite Save the World features different types of timed missions (also known as Mission Alerts) which grant bonus rewards on completion.

Today’s item store in Battle Royale

Today's item store in Fortnite Battle Royale. View the current featured and daily items in the shop! Updated when the items change.

Guide to claim Twitch Prime Pack #2 for free

Read through the step-by-step guide how to get Fortnite Twitch Prime cosmetics for completely free V-Bucks Generator!

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